Friday, May 18, 2012


Free Fall, monoprint, Asandra

Since I moved to California in February 2011, I lived in four different cities. Two located in Northern California and two in Southern. The impact of this can only be understood with the knowledge that all of this transpired during a 15-month period. In addition, every possession, including a car and a furry co-pilot named Sasha, came with me.

I grew up in New York, eventually relocated down the East Coast to Miami, then moved 3,000 miles across country to the East Bay area of California (close to San Francisco), and a month ago drove 377 miles to Southern California. One would certainly consider this a zigzag across the United States.

The response that I have often heard about my numerous relocations is that I am “wild.”  Hardly, I reply. Another common misconception: “You must not have a lot of possessions.” Wrong again. However, the singular most common reaction is, “What do your Guides have to say about this?”

The expectation is, as an adept Channel, I should have known the exact, perfect location to land in not only immediately, but also effortlessly. Here is what many do not realize: I am no different from you! Yes, I am an experienced Medium, but do I have some extra-special privy to the Spirit world because I channel for a living? The answer is no. I am just like you: doing my best to hear, feel, sense, and respond, to the higher guidance.

Does that mean that I have been misguided, or not able to receive clear information? No. What it means is something that Spirit often says, “Life is a circuitous route.”  There is a tendency for us in our linear thinking, rational reality, to want to know why something is happening.  Our expectation is that if we are receiving the guidance, the path will be void of road- blocks, traffic jams, or potholes. If we knew the cosmic reasoning for everything, however, there would not be any surprises, mysteries to explore, or lessons to learn. In other words, we would not grow.

For those of you still insisting on a more linear explanation for my zigzag journey, I can tell you that I used the resources I had available to me. This mostly required a lot of trusting the unfamiliar, and leaping into the unknown. Furthermore, whenever I second guessed myself and wondered if I had made incorrect choices, I realized that whatever I needed to face within me, as a result of leaping into the unknown, would still have surfaced. The great illusion is that we live life on the outside, but the truth is that we experience though our senses, react with our emotions, but live through our consciousness.

Have I settled yet? The answer again, is no; my new life is still a work in progress. I have learned something great though: that if I trust my inner guidance, the guidance of spirit is a given. They are right behind us, supporting us every step of the way. When a child is learning to walk, you cannot do it for them. At a certain point, you have to allow them to find their confidence and courage to walk forward. Sometimes we just have to learn to let go of getting it right and simply go in the direction of where we are inspired to go.

Asandra, copyright 2012