Saturday, July 28, 2012


I am a strong believer in following one’s true path. This is where the grace lies. Whenever we attempt to take steps in our life based upon either what is expected of us, or what the world dictates, instead of following our heart, we come up against struggle.

As many of you who are reading this blog know, I have been a full trance channel for over 28 years. It has been my experience that our spirit guides can only guide us on our highest and most true path. When an individual speaks to their spirit guides through me, and is asking a question about something that is not their authentic path, it is very difficult for spirit to give them support for the thing that is false. Almost invariably, Spirit will instruct that individual to become aware of what lies within their true heart first, and then the guidance can come.

Eternal Self, Monoprint
Following what is within our heart is the true path. The path is not about being a Buddhist, or a vegan, or a Democrat, etc. It is about knowing what calls us forward in his life. That is the signal that inspires us and moves us toward a higher vision. The higher vision does not have to be an agenda to save the world. It just has to be our personal expression in this life. In fact, if you are following your true heart’s expression, you are indeed doing your part to transform consciousness into an authentic expression of the soul. Therefore, you are doing more to ‘save the world’ then all the charities and activists put together. It is only a shift into higher consciousness that can truly change the world. Furthermore, ‘the world’ is just fine. It is our outward projection that is causing all the confusion, violence, and uncertainty. If what we envisage is from a conscious and clarified center within, then the dissolution of collective confusion will inevitably and eventually occur.

Therefore, the simple act of knowing and acknowledging what lies within our heart is indeed our true path. There is no need to search for answers. The answer lies within. This has always been the highest truth. More than ever, the consciousness shift is calling us to the authentic voice. It tells us:

There is nothing else of relevance now.
Let go of what is false.
Be aligned in your heart,
And allow the grace to carry you forward.

Asandra © 2012