Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Clear State of Heart and Mind

It is a cliché to say that every moment is precious, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Spirit teaches that if we can appreciate each of these continuous moments called life it will bring us to a more expansive and clear state of heart and mind. We have long been indoctrinated to believe that clarity is found though our thoughts. Yet, this is not the function of the mind that stores information, memories, beliefs and ideas. Our brain is a vast data base of both empirical and learned information. But its job is not to bring us the kind of clarity that can only be accessed at the soul level. The mind functions to gather and organize information but it cannot align us with our higher, soul-intelligence.

Why then, do we so often run in circles mentally when attempting to resolve an important issue (of any kind) by relying entirely on our thoughts? Because the answer to life’s most important questions aren’t located there. It would be another too often used cliché to state that the answers we seek reside in our heart. And yet, that too is true. The question would then be, how do we maintain our connection to this part of us we metaphorically refer to as our spiritual center?

Spirit advises that we need to extricate ourselves from (lifetimes of) old habits of scrambling around in our brain looking for clarity. This means having a different relationship with time, space, and life in general. It means that we have to understand that our authentic relationship with our Source/Higher Self/Spirit resides only in the moment. When we are doing mental gymnastics in our mind, we are not fully present. The requirement then, is to take the time to extricate ourselves from the siege of mental debate and return to our breath/soul/inner self.

This is only a challenge if our conditioned habit is to seek answers from our minds and not our souls. It means that a change of priority in one’s life is probably necessary. In other words, if one only seeks out the inner self during moments of desperation, then that individual is living an unclear life. If we root our consciousness in the soul daily (however one chooses), then there is a greater likelihood of intuition and clarity on an ongoing basis. Ultimately, letting go of the struggle is a relief. It creates the energetic space for the answers to appear before us. The answers that were always there all along.

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