Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Contact with the Divine

I had one of those brief moments last night before drifting into deep sleep where I make contact with the divine. These are exquisite and unintentional experiences when I find myself entering into infinite space. Although it may be brief, any amount of time communing with the infinite is infinite! Distractions that rob me of this feeling are like litter in an otherwise beautiful landscape.

As time goes on I find myself increasingly needing to limit the stimuli that I allow into my energetic space. By that I am not referring to my literal living space, but rather the space within where my consciousness absorbs information.

This includes anything that is not of the higher Ascension path. Although I cannot offer a clear definition of what the Ascension path is, I can say it is that which inspires and aligns oneself with that infinite, expanded consciousness. This can be almost anything, and it is as individualized as we are.

It is perhaps easier to say what it isn’t: anything that makes us tired, angry, sad, fearful, compromised or inauthentic. The true path never asks us to compromise what is innately known. It is the path I follow daily as best as I can.

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