Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Staying clear of drama

This morning I did one of those too-late-to-take-it-back social media things. I made a comment on someone’s Facebook post. This was a post not by a friend, but just one of those random people that you somewhere along the way get connected to. He is an author on books about “soul transformation”. Okay, truthfully I have neither read any of his books nor ever commented on a post of his before. He had written an angry diatribe and I shared my experience as a Trance Channel which I had intended to be insightful. This was immediately followed up by a dismissal of my work as a Medium (although he neither knows me nor my work).
This in and of itself is not a big deal. I’ve been doing my work for over 30 years and have a fairly thick skin at this point. Okay, it did raise my blood pressure a little, but I quickly remembered the importance of staying connected to Source. The point is not to get thrown off course just because you drive over a pothole you didn’t notice.

Staying focused on the path that is the most meaningful to us is essential. I quickly extracted myself from that situation and sat in meditation. I did not want to engage in any drama. More than ever I feel the need to connect deeply within, stay present, and keep on keeping on. Perhaps it is middle age speaking, but the sense of time as precious seems more relevant to me than ever.

There are many kinds of drama: the kind that entertains us, the kind that we call “the world”, and the personal inner drama we all unwittingly engage in. These are time demanding and it is important to choose wisely where to express our precious energy. We all have so much light to share and there is never a need to waste it where it is not valued!


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