Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The silent warriors of peace

In some ways, a new year is just another 365 days in a string of continuous days. There are, however, cycles of nature, and the movement of the planets and the stars. To me, these things have greater meaning than clocks and calendars. Nevertheless, we all like a fresh start, and the advent of a new calendar year is exactly that. Furthermore, there are larger energetic cycles we may not yet be able to discern or measure. Spirit talks of these things when they refer to our personal and certainly, global, evolution.  We are clearly living during a time when the collective evolution does not yet meet at the higher planes of oneness. Neither do most of us walking a path of awakening. The essential difference is that we have the awareness to know that there is more and aspire to be in that awakened state increasingly.

We are the pioneers, willingly or not, of this evolution. The key is to pay attention to our inner journey and not look outside (in what many think is a fixed reality or “the world”) for a confirmation of growth. Growth happens within and the external will catch up when there is enough collective momentum for it to manifest in form. Sometimes I encounter a client or friend discouraged by the confusion, violence, and ignorance in the world around us.  When we look within, however, consciousness is the most resilient thing; it’s always there! This is why we need to be vigilant in our soul-work. We are the silent warriors of peace.

Many of us will probably not see peace in our lifetime on the external plane, but we can experience peace within our soul in every moment. This is like building a structure one solid brick at a time. Do we want a grass hut that can be blown away by the wind, or are we patient and persevering so that our entire lives are dedicated to the (inner and outer) work of the truth? Ultimately, we are eternal and the work we do in this life (both inward and through expression outwardly) when dedicated to the path of wisdom, light, and peace, will change the world around us. Yet, each moment is the moment to know that truth within and to hold that energy for others as best as we are able. So, with that said, I wish you a fulfilling and inspiring 365 days ahead!

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