Wednesday, March 30, 2016


            Somewhere between waking and sleeping I heard a spirit speak to me for the first time. I was about nine years old, lying in my bed at night in the room I shared with my older sister. It was a middle-aged man reciting a sonnet in the elegance and formality of the King’s English. I had no idea why this was happening, but I knew it was something special. My sister was asleep in her bed on the other side of the room. I had to be careful not to wake her, but I also knew that if I didn’t grab a writing utensil and record what I was hearing, no one would believe me. Even at that age it was clear this was beyond the norm. I searched desperately for paper and pen or pencil (this was long before the personal computer era), but to no avail. Despite my efforts, I was not only unsuccessful in locating a writing instrument in the dark, but also realized that the voice had faded amidst my interruption and was by then completely gone. I was not able to recall a single word of what I heard, but it made an impression on me. Even at that young age, I knew that this presence had somehow gracefully entered into my awareness from a distant place.
            The veil between the dimensions where we exist and of those on the spirit plane is thinner than we realize. My childhood experience was a testament to that. I never mentioned this incident to anyone. It neither frightened me nor did it feel wrong and I accepted the phenomena as natural. With hindsight I understand that I was open and this allowed a visitation from a benevolent spirit. In my book, Contact Your Spirit Guides, I provide specific instruction in how to insure that we are calling in spirits of the highest frequency. Nevertheless, I present this example to help explain how close the spirit world is to us. We just need to be open. As a child I did not have filters and this allowed an ease of entry for my early spirit visitors. We all know about the classic “invisible friend” that children sometimes have. They have not yet been taught to believe that it isn’t real.
            We do not enter this world unequipped to find our way. Our spirit family is always silently walking by our side. Loving and far-seeing spirits are a part of the higher intelligence of a guidance system we are born with, directing and inspiring us along the way. Without question, there are myriad ways for an individual to find clarity and inspiration. Knowing that our spirit guides are with us is one of those ways. The information from our authentic spirit guides will touch us in a manner that bypasses our intellect. Simply put, it reaches the heart. This is why knowing that our guides are with us can change how a person walks their journey in life.


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