Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why don’t you ask your Guides for help?

When seeing me struggling with an issue, a good friend of mine used to say, why don’t you ask your Guides for help? Naturally, this would always stop me in my tracks. Of all people, shouldn’t I remember to do this? Yet, it is easy to get stuck in tunnel vision, thinking that we are the ones that have to resolve our issues. I see this often; the tendency to get trapped in a hamster’s wheel of inner conflict. It is the illusion that we can figure out a life-path problem only with our minds.

This is not to diminish the power of our intellect. It is simply that the brain is not the source of our souls’ agenda. Therefore to circle around in our linear-thinking minds for solutions to non-linear issues is pointless. In fact, as we probably all have experienced, letting go and handing it over (to our Source/God/Creator, etc) often clears the way for a seemingly miraculous solution.

It is as if we are all on a retraining course to learn how to live our lives on a higher plane. It is ironic that the most natural thing (to trust the highest) is often the thing we resist the most. My sense, from over 30 years of doing channeling work, is that we are evolving into an awareness of our oneness with Source. Yet, it is not sufficient to have a philosophical belief in this. We must do the daily work of raising our consciousness. More often than not, the real effort is not adopting a new belief, as much as it is letting go of the clutter and confusion that intercepts the organic experience of a higher reality.

In other words, we don’t have to strive for ascension. We simply need to clear away the debris that keeps us from the empirical knowledge of a higher truth. One of my earliest painting teachers taught me the 19th century adage, less is more. Although she meant don’t overdo ones’ painting, it applies to everything in life, especially over-thinking, over-striving, over-doing.

This brings me back full-circle; if we remember that we are already connected to Source, the path gets easier, the way forward clearer, and the support more apparent.


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