Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Sonia, my doorkeeper guide, was a well-known artist in her time. Her artwork and clothing designs are still recognized worldwide and inspire many designers and artists today. She even recently had a retrospective at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, and the Tate Museum in London! I quite imagine that she is just as busy expressing herself from the spirit plane as she was while in form.

Sonia always told clients of mine (with me as her conduit) whom were frustrated in not being able to focus on what they were passionate about in life, “The more you do what you love, the more you will be doing what you love.” As simple and obvious as that sounds, we often think some big doorway of permission has to open before us first. This opening would be the signal from the universe that it’s okay to pursue our dreams.

In truth the evidence we seek is within ourselves. We must decide that whatever limitations appear before us are just illusions that we unconsciously create. On a broad philosophical level we can easily find agreement with this notion. To actualize our belief in our dreams and visions, however, requires a leap into that rarefied space of the unknown. The universe is a great blank canvas for the soul to express its’ complexity of memory, mystery, and desire. We know at the root-level of our being that we must express consciousness in some form. Spirit has often said that the form itself is irrelevant as long as we are inspired. As human beings, creative energy is inherent within us. It is the attentiveness to our soul-desire that is key. Otherwise, we are just ordinary cogs on the wheel of life.

The problem that I often encounter, in my own limited view and that of others, is the belief in linear time and space as absolute. I know it is radical for me to say what I have known since my first teenage mystical experience: that everything is God. Everything is perfect, and interconnected and completely magnificent. If we have eyes to see, that is.

I have always rallied against the ‘let’s save the world’ movement. Why? Because the ‘universe’ exists within me. We are each a microcosm of that which created and sustains all things. And it is perfect. If we each learn to dive within our own profound and remarkable spirit-selves, we are then co-creating that utopia we seek. But a utopia will never be bound to mundane form. It can only be accessed and expressed from our inner spirit.

In the 1980’s I studied with a Native American Medicine-woman named Oshinnah Fastwolf. She always said, “Dream your beautiful dream.” If everything that we are aware of is an energy fragment experienced in time and space, then that ‘beautiful dream’ can be the reflection of the macrocosm; our source. The source of everything that is, the source that is already perfect. This is how I choose to live regardless of the madness in the world around us. Am I ignoring the ills of the world? Quite the contrary; I am doing my part to ‘dream my beautiful dream’, and make the world around us just a little bit brighter.

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